So very Proud….

It was great to visit the Air Ambulance HQ at Coventry Airport today, to see the Heli and the wonderful crew. It really hit home why I am raising money for this wonderful charity.

I know all the hard work and dedication over the last 6 months throughout my training is greatly appreciated by the team there. The (extremely) cold training runs. The commitment to my strict diet plan. It will all help as in less than 9 weeks, I will be running my first ever marathon for this charity – one that I have been supporting since it was formed 15 years ago. I am so very proud when I see the Heli up close, or even when it flies overhead. I know that my sponsorship will potentially help save someone’s life.

So much is in the mind – it’s such a powerful thing – so I not only have to be physically ready, but also mentally ready. I think I’m 95% there for both. Just gotta give it one last push over the next 8 weeks. I will give it my best shot, and think of the money I am raising as I pound the Blackpool Prom in April – I know I can do this…..


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