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Now that’s how to put on a running event

I had the absolute pleasure in running the Freckleton Half Marathon (Fylde Coast) on Sunday along with approx 800 other keen runners. Somewhat a last minute decision, having only signed up the weekend before when I saw a banner advertising the event. A decision though I most certainly did not regret! What a tremendous afternoon (and it gave me another reason to wear my Air Ambulance running vest!).

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As many will know, I recently ran the Blackpool Marathon (April 2018), and actually came away a little deflated from the event with regards to the organisation and atmosphere on the day (didn’t feel rewarded for all the 8 months of hard work training or the 4 hour+ running on the day!). The Freckleton Half Marathon, could not have been a more different experience though. A superb event from start to finish.

The build up with a very patriotic compere, who was dressed in St George attire from head to foot, was great, involving runners and guests in the build up. The music played before the start was up-beat which was enough to ‘get you going’. The marshals throughout – so professional, friendly and supportive. Offering lovely words of encouragement from mile 1 to mile 13.

The course layout, the signage, the encouragement from the public along the route, all helped with the positive vibe from the day. Those who were watching made the most of the day too – setting up chairs, tables and mini street parties, and plenty of cheers. Fantastic to experience.

There was a real buzz all along the course, especially in the beautiful villages of Wrea Green and Freckleton, and of course at the start/finish line. It actually gave me goosebumps at times, and certainly helped me keep going!

The refreshments throughout and at the end were most welcomed – the cup of tea at the finish line was the best cuppa I’ve had for ages! Perfect way to top off the afternoon.

It was my first time running the half at Freckleton – and most certainly will not be the last. I also achieved a new PB for a half marathon which pleased me so much – and of course got another shiny medal! All in all, a perfect run, pain free, control and focused. Job done.

2018-06-17 15.53.48 HDR 2018-06-17 15.53.18

I was so buzzed from the whole event hours after I had crossed the line, and the adrenaline was still flowing. I was firmly situated on cloud nine and felt awesome! Running provides me with great positive attitude, a feeling of great fitness, and time to switch off and enjoy the beautiful British countryside.

Credit to EVERYONE who had an input in the event. A real top notch running event.

The Freckleton Half Marathon is the oldest half marathon in the UK, that has taken place every year since June 1965. There is only one older half marathon in the world (in Luxembourg).

I already cannot wait for the run next year! It’s in the diary.


I only went and ran 26.2 miles….

What a day.

Firstly, thank you SO MUCH to EVERYONE who has kindly sponsored Jonathan and myself. We set an ambitious target of raising £2620 for the wonderful Air Ambulance. We (with your kind help and support) absolutely SMASHED IT, with the target at over £2800 currently, with still a couple more sponsorships to come in. This is superb. It means such a lot to me and the charity.

So….onto today…..we only went and bloody did it. 26.2 miles in a time of 4h22 which we are both thrilled with. What an achievement. It’s amazing what you can push your body to do. Well done Jonny, and a pat on the back for me.

Feel emotionally, physically and mentally drained. Have showered and had a cup of tea, and starting to relax now.

Thanks to my parents, the Horsfall’s and the Appleton’s for the encouragement (and banners) along the route. Your support was greatly received.

It’s right to not take my shiny medal or my new t-shirt off all week isn’t it?…..

So very proud of my journey of the last few years with my weight, and over the last 8 months with my fitness. Sorry for all boring updates over my training on social media. I promise not to bombard you anymore.

Thanks to everyone who tweeted, text, whatsapped, FaceTimed, called, emailed etc today and over the weekend. You’re all fab.

More importantly, thank you on behalf of The Air Ambulance Charity.

God bless you all



Hard Work & Dedication

As many of you will know, just over 4 years ago I was a ‘fatty bum bum’. Weighing in at 19 stone. A poor diet. Very rarely exercising (I couldn’t run a bath, let alone a race!). The photo proves it (I hate this photo).


But hard work and dedication pays off. I’m finishing the year feeling fit and healthy. Running 25+ miles a week. A healthy diet, and weighing in at 12 stone. Quite simply I feel awesome.


2018 will be an exciting year for me, as I will compete in the Blackpool Marathon in April. I sure with my positive mental attitude and concise training plan, I will succeed.

Its just proof that you can really do anything if you put your mind to it.

I love the saying:

“If you believe you can, or you believe you can’t, you’re probably right!”

Here’s to a healthy and happy 2018.